2020 its a good time to start

Hi there.

Being my first ever art note I thought I would share where and what I have been doing in my little world.

Firstly, my hubby and I had the most wonderful experience of holidaying in Egypt last November right before the world shifted into crazy mode.

We came home loving the Middle East – the sights – the sounds just to name a few things. But I think the biggest impact on me was that if I had had to try to explain what exactly I liked there – I truly think it is that I really and I mean REALLY like the colour beige. I know that seems funny but when you look at a landscape where all the colours seem to at first be the same kinds colour you start to see the differences. The different shades and tones just melt into your eyes. It truly is a beautiful place to see.

What we did not like was the long flight home – I think its like a wonder of the world when your flight to go somewhere seems way shorter than your flight home – just saying.

What I came home to was full steam ahead painting to be ready on time for my first solo art exhibition. I can happily say I have achieved that and if you follow me on Instagram you will know open day is only just around the corner.

Exhibition Title is LADIES DAY and in Toowoomba we have the fabulous Carnival of Flowers every year and just like the gorgeous gardens on display the girls come out in their finest colours for my exhibition.

This exhibition has a floral theme, which corresponds beautifully with this time of year. Colours explode in gardens and we all marvel at just how lovely they all are so how could I not take advantage of this?

I would be positively thrilled if you mange to come on visit on Saturday 5th September 2020. Due to the crazy environment we are all living in now because of Covid-19 the Rosalie Gallery will follow all safety requirements. I shall keep ya all in the loop regarding times etc.

Keep safe and make sure you always enjoy yourself.

Vicky Beths

2 thoughts on “2020 its a good time to start

  1. Debra Petersen says:

    I enjoyed your first art note Vicky and I’m also very excited to come and see all your hard work at your show. Deb P xx

    1. victoriabethsart says:

      Hi Deb
      Thank you, I am looking forward to the 5th. It’s all ready to be dropped off next week for the open.
      xx Vicky


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