What have I learnt being an artist?

Well with the year quickly turning into 2021 I feel we all have had different things that we have either changed or they have changed us. I do believe in the silver lining effect and durning this time I thing we get to see what we are made off.

It’s funny that when you say yes to things you get to see what you are capable of and when you get to say no to things you also get to see what your made of. It all works in an odd way like that. I have learnt a lot about myself in the last year and this has lead me on a wonderful journey.

What I have learnt being an artist is that everyone sees thing just how they see them. Sound a bit woo woo? Not to me lol With having held my first solo Exhibition – Ladies Day – during 2020 with Covid on full rampage – it went extremely well. thanks to all you get folk that followed and visited. Yes we did do the Covid safe stuff but what I learnt about myself during all of it was just how resilient I am – Just how much wonderful support I have from those around me. I also learnt just how well I do preform to a set deadline and how much I thrive on having a deadline.

I also learnt not to take anyones comments personal because we all see what we see in something meaning when I actually ask a view what they like in a piece it was always different to what I saw in it. And sometimes bits I did not like they loved – go figure.

  • The best thing I have learnt is just how shades of pink you can have woot woot
  • I have learnt just how many flat surfaces in your home you can use for varnishing
  • Getting art supply is more exciting than a new dress
  • How well you start seeing things you never saw before

It is truely wonderful to live an creative life and to share it with others. I am ever grateful that I have been consumed with the joy of art and that I get to share it with you

xox Victoria

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