Are We Ready to Explore our Art Collections

Welcome to July and where I am its crispy cool! Since starting my own art journey I have also started my own art journey art collection. I had in the past collected some art but not with the love I seem to have these days. I see more in the art and have a closer connection to what I collect. Do you feel the same?

So, in honor of my sister’s birthday month I asked her to share some pictures of her art collection. You see it doesn’t matter what your art collection is like. What matters, to me at least, is that you love looking at what hangs on your walls or in your garden as I believe art takes many forms not just the traditional art on the walls.

I love hearing the stories behind the collecting of certain art pieces. Not everyone has a disposable budget to buy art and many collectors do save up for art work which makes their story very special. As an artist when you have a collector buy a piece of art it doesn’t matter if its $2 or $22,000 – what matters is if you see that when they look at it you notice that their heart just swells a little bit more.

Stirring your emotions gets your mind working and your soul connecting with creativity. That feeling of making the art and the one of collecting the art takes us all back to when we were little and we drew with grand ambition and love. Then, if you are a parent, the love and joy you felt as being your child’s first art collector fills your heart with love.  Isn’t this just the best feeling in the whole world?

So, back to my sister’s collection. Firstly her name is Debbie and I could not of asked for a better big sister and its her birthday month!!!!! She has been there for just not me all thru our lives but she also has taken on all the family jobs of lovingly seeing all our older family members on their final journeys. Navigating them thru the last years on earth with wonderful dignity and love. So as you see I am very lucky to have such a wonderful sister. 

When I asked my sister for photos of her art work in her home I was surprised that she had also cut out a piece of wrapping paper that I painted for her and popped it in a frame. See art is what makes both the creator and the collector enjoy and this is different for us all.

Now Debbie is very lucky that on her husbands side there are very talented creatives both in the art and music industry so she has snagged herself a few of her sister-in-laws paintings. Let me tell you that both the other sister-in-laws and I all have dibs on those pieces but Debbie is not giving them up.

I have purchased Debbie other pieces of work along the way for birthdays and Christmas gifts. There has been great pieces from and  and there is also work hanging that I have done and ark pieces that Debbie herself has painted at classes we took together at Shiny Happy Art.

Now Debbie’s walls are full but I know she does swap around her art work and pops some into storage so see you can never have enough art and beauty in your home.

Next week I shall share my art collection….

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