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Welcome to another week. Things are just different these days don’t you agree? It only seemed like yesterday that we were all planning great getaways and large social gatherings. Things have definitely changed for us all in some way.

I can say I have one of children home from being overseas for the last 8 years and that is a good thing. It’s a good thing because lock down can cause isolation and when you are away form those who love you its hard for everyone.

I think it’s a wonderful time for us all to turn inward and discover more about ourselves and do more of what makes us happy. Having my children around me makes me incredibly happy and they in turn do things with each other.  This is how it should be. I’ve always tried to encourage them to be independent and to live their lives on their own terms but there is comfort in having them near.

Anything in this world that gives you peace and a happy glow in your heart is great and this is different for all of us.

Some of my greatest and valued pieces of art on my wall are those that my children have done for me. These pieces of artwork come with a story behind them and remind me daily of just how precious they are to me. If I could only keep a few of the works it would be their work without a doubt.

Some of the work is mine – pieces that I personally have liked or my husband has liked and there are pieces that I have painted in memory of something my kids have said or given me.

Yes I do have a collection of snow globes from each Christmas of the photos and this would be one of the favorite collections I have that my daughter likes – she is all grown up now. So never underestimate the impact you have on someone.

The more I paint the more I discover that my tastes in what I like to look at change. I crave to see the shapes – the slight change in colour families – the slight vast depths of nothing and the tight full spaces as well. How I feel about it has also changed I used to view it all as something that matched your room but now it about what I see in the art work. The possibilities and joy I view.

The more in touch with our soul the more our hearts are opened to see beauty in all around us.

2 thoughts on “My art collection

  1. Jodie Sandy says:

    You’re one amazing lady Vic. So gracious, humble, human, so very talented. You have a magnificent heart , and hands down, super sexy😘

    1. victoriabethsart says:

      Ha ha you are too kind. But I must say I like the sexy bit lol – not half as lovely as you . Hope you had a good weekend xox


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