Well welcome to another week in the studio.  I hope you all enjoyed the little art collections. It always amazes me what we all collect and the things no matter how big or small that bring us joy.

This led me to think what exactly inspires me? As you are learning a skill and you learn all your life, you do take inspiration from others in your field of choice and this is normal and how you learn. Then as you move along you break away and ‘see’ things in random views and emotions. 

Sometimes, probably more than you think, its good to just see things for how they are. Yes a sunflower is yellow and the grass is green. The difference can come slowly or rush at you like a wild cheetah. To imagine the sky as pink or the sea turbulent bubble foam expressed in high-energy lines is to step off the edge and embrace how you feel or see things. I believe both ways are right and good.

 For my floral work I definitely take inspiration from nature itself. From the many beautiful baskets of flowers I have received from my family and friends. By painting these heart felt gifts it serves as a wonderful reminder of those close to my heart.

Now I really resonate with the dictionary’s INSPIRATION  

The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

So I feel inspired by shapes, colour and the space in-between. The long falling shadows that branches makes across a brilliant sky. The fluffy soft shapes of the long clouds as we drive home. Seeing the movement of the bushes blowing in the wind, and especially watching the wind moving things as it goes. Watching the glistening of the sun on the sea sparking as if it is awaiting the arrival of Titan and mermaids.

Colour is one of my big motivators and seeing them layered onto each other to give unique finishes and effects is something I super enjoy doing.  To combine all these techniques and effects to bring about a piece of art is what inspires me to create more.

We see what we see. What inspires you? 

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