Why Do An Art Challenge?

Welcome to the New Year. It can be such a confusing time of year or it can be revolutionary – it just depends where you sit with the whole New Years Resolutions. I personally don’t do New Year Resolutions but I do plan and goal set. Is there a difference you ask – absolutely I say but that’s another topic.

In all this crazy of getting going on a New Year goal plan I have decided to join in with a February floral challenge. I know right! Like I need more to do – but doing the whole commitment ting with all my art friends has made my mind shift into art ideas and planning what I can do and how I can incorporate new ideas into my work.

My friends that know me well know just how much I have taken over the house with my art. After all who really uses the dining table for dinner? Not us anymore. So joining an art challenge is a wonderfully marvelous thing to do. 

I have been exploring different concepts because when you get the challenge details for each day, there are definitely items or ideas that I would not normally paint. So my person challenge is how do I achieve making someone else’s idea into a creative piece of work for myself. With staying true to what interests me.

So each week I will be posting sharing my work over on Instagram so head on over and check it out.


Credit to Amanda Evanston (one of the BEST art groups you could belong to)

There are many different Art Challenges you can do you only need to head on over to Pintrest and search it or even just have a google on the subject but the real growth comes with participation.

Will each of my paintings be successful – maybe not. Do I care – nope. Will I have fun – absolutely!

Now my husband would like me to participate in a clean house challenge but we know that wont be happening. The house is tidy except for the art. You get that on the big jobs.

Also by doing a challenge it does make you think outside the box and gives your art mojo a little bump along. You get to experiment with tools and techniques you may not normally use and you may just hit gold with a new thing you do.

So I say take up a challenge no matter what it may be – you could just challenge yourself to doing something different, something you want to try but need some suggestions and a tribe to run with.

I would love to hear back what challenge you are inclined to have a go at.

I invite  you to pop over to see my challenge give me a hello and let me know what you think – the good the bad and the ugly lol

Enjoy your week and lets see how long I last on the challenge


Your partner in creativity


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