About the Artist

Victoria Beths

Stumbling upon art later in life has lead me to really learn how to connect to the things that bring me joy and happiness. I trust in my process and this has given me wonderful opportunities to share my art. Growing up on the Gold Coast in the sunny part of Queensland, Australia has given me a relaxed approach to my art.  When I sit and think of childhood memories I clearly remember sparkling blue beaches, white hot sand, all with bright bright colours. This has lead me to love bright vibrant colours I feel these colours show happiness and freedom. I paint what I see and feel and in return I like how it makes me feel. Being in the now and expressing my true self has given me the  wonderful experience of holding my first solo exhibition along with loads of gallery representations and acceptance to fabulous on line platforms and competitions. I long to discover where my visions will take my art, in our home we celebrate everyone and all the differences and weirdnesses that makes us us! Floral topics often fill my easel and I do like these bright, abstract and large. My works start out as layered techniques with only a vague idea of what I want it to end up as.  During my process I expand on the imagines that form within my swirls of colours. I trust in myself and my connections with my paintings progress. Mark making is something that I enjoy and this shows thru my layering. I tend to lean towards acrylic on canvas but have been know to branch out and experiment with different tools – yes I have a favourite in a large tiling trowel! Discovery is at the heart of art making.

Sustaining my passion of art thru

love, connection and discovery.

Victoria Beths Art

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